Welcome to the Takistan Life Wiki

Here you will find all the information you need about Takistan Life to help you get started. Either as a new player or tips & tricks for a long-time player.

Server Updates (Last Updated 11/4/12)


  • Server upgraded to 65 slots.
  • AK-107, M249 & More Added to Cop Base.
  • Players automatically added to wanted list for car theft.


  • Gangs no longer dissapear from the list.
  • Objects placed will no longer vanish when the player disconnects.
  • Wanted list now shows full crime log.


Server Information

Takistan Life is an ArmA 2 Modded Mission File. It requires no additional addons to join apart from ArmA 2: Combined Operations. When connecting to the server you will begin to download our mission file, you will only need to download this once. That is untill the mission is updated.

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