Brief DescriptionEdit

PMC (Private Military Company) is a side you can choose when joining the game. As a PMC there are many things you can such as, Mining & Checkpoints. See the full list below of things you can do. Remember when playing as a PMC it is essential that you are on our Teamspeak!

Getting StartedEdit

When you first spawn in, press '1'. It will bring up a small statistics list. You will see that you start off with $20,000. This can be used to buy yourself a Drivers License at the ATM for $3000. Simply scroll then select the option. You can also buy yourself a vehicle of your choice from the Car Shop.

Once you have bought the vehicle of your choice, head to Rasman to the Takistani National Bank to purchase Bank Insurance. You can choose to buy multiple insurances or to store one in your Private Storage. It isn't completely neccesary but will help later on in-game.

Making MoneyEdit


  • Mining
  • Fishing
  • Checkpoints (Must be hired by Police Cheif)
  • Oil Processing
  • Sand Quarry
  • General Factory
  • Vehicle Factory
  • Hired Gun
  • Bodyguard
  • Bounty Hunter (Must be hired by Police Cheif)