Being Mayor can have a large roleplaying part on the server. But it can also just be played with minimal effect.

Becoming MayorEdit

To become Mayor of Takistan. Start a small campaign over Global text chat asking people to vote for you & for what reason. You can offer them specific laws and lower taxes!

To vote, you must go to the Takistan Goverment Complex. Located inbetween Bastam and Rasman. Walk up to the only NPC and scroll your mouse wheel. You will have the option to Elect Mayor. Pick whoever you wish to be Mayor including yourself if you wish.


When you have been fully elected as Mayor. You can go to the Takistan Goverment Complex where you will have more options on the NPC with your scroll wheel. You will be able to change the laws, change the taxes and release people from Jail.

Remember to keep the people of Takistan happy! Unhappy citizens may result in your assassination and/or JSOC interagation!