Terms & RegulationsEdit

The Urban Life Community was founded on June 19th 2011, and we’re glad that you’ve taken the time and enthusiasm to join this great community of numerous ethnic groups.Please do note that by registering as a FULL Urban Life Member you will be committing your time to enhance role-play and help the interests of others. If this is your first time please note that you are not obliged to register as a full member in order for you to have access to our game. To be a full member the following requirements are expected of the applicant:

  • You must have a working microphone
  • You must be above the age of 16
  • You must have a mature attitude
  • You must be in no other ARMA related community
  • You must be willing to commit at least 10 days each month

If you do not meet these requirements your application may be rejected upon these bases. Upon applying for full membership, the recruitment team may take up to 2 (two) weeks to process and review your application. The recruitment team reserve the rights to do an active investigation into your previous attended communities and will have the right to postpone your application for a maximum duration of 1 (one) week. We strongly encourage you to fill out this application to the best of your abilities and to provide us with the most recent accurate information. Please write as much as you can, keeping in mind that we expect quality, not quantity words. We would also like to take this opportunity to make you aware that you should provide the recruitment team with truthful information. Applicants that provide false information may be subject to being rejected.  The information that you provide us with will remain confidential and will not be accessible or distributed to any other parties other than the recruitment team and the administrators. You are at liberty to skip or leave any question blank, due to privacy concerns if you so wish to, however this may affect the success of your application.