Drugs are one of the best illegal ways to make money as a civilian.

Drug ListEdit

  • Heroin
  • Cocaine
  • Marijuana
  • LSD

How To Farm DrugsEdit

When you arrive at the drug field, there is nothing visible to show you are there. However if you start running around the text 'Gathering' will appear. The best method is to run into the side of your vehicle untill your inventory is full (60). Press 'T' to access the trunk of your vehicle, and drop all items. Repeat this process untill your trunk & inventory are full. Keep an eye out for cops as they may arrest you & search your vehicle.

How To Process DrugsEdit

You need to be part of a Gang and own the approriate Gang Area for the drug you are collecting. If your aren't try to join one of the existing gangs by asking the leader (You can find out by pressing 1).

You will need to take enough money to the Gang Area, approximately $20,000. This should cover you for a processing license!

When arriving at the gang area, run up to the flag and purchase the license needed for the drug you have just collected. Then scroll again to select 'Process Drug'. Then drop the drugs on the floor so you have enough room to grab the rest of the drugs from your vehicle. After the second processing you can start placing the processed drugs back into your vehicle. You can also pick the drugs you dropped and put them back into the vehicle trunk when you have finished. 

Selling DrugsEdit

Now comes to selling your processed drugs. You find the seller on the map along the road from Bastam to Rasman. Make sure to be holding 20 processed in your inventory before you get out at the seller.

When you reach the seller walk up to him and press 'E'. This will access the menu to sell. Enter the amount you have on you and click 'Sell'. Now hit 'T', presuming your vehicle is close enough, and take out another 20 and repeat.

Remember to sell as fast as you can, as Cops may arrest you for selling the drugs & search your vehicle.

When you have finished selling, drive to the nearest ATM and deposit the cash gained from selling. Make sure you have Bank Insurance!