Drug SearchEdit

Drug Searches consist of searching one of the four drug sellers located on the road between Bastam & Rasman.

How To Search For DrugsEdit

Before we begin. Press '1' to find out what Gang owns which area. Then open your map and check what Drug is processed in that Gang Area. You can now head over to the sellers.

Whn you arrive at the seller. Take a look around for any movement. Gang members may be selling. If so you may go in and arrest them.

Walk up to the Drug Seller and press 'E'. This will check to see if there have been any recent transactions and will automatically add the drug runners to the wanted list. Now you can choose to either commence a raid on their Gang Area or to simply scout at the seller. You are best waiting for them to sell ALL of their drugs & then arrest them. As you will get a large bounty. 

Drug Search at CheckpointsEdit

When searching people at a Checkpoint. Select the 'Drug Search' option when pressing 'E' on them. Then do the same with the scroll option on their vehicle.

Remember you can not search somebody's vehicle or person for drugs if you stop them for any other crime. Only if seen leaving Drug Field / Seller.