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Brief DescriptionEdit

Cop is a side you can choose when joining the game. As a cop there are many things you can choose to do such as guarding the checkpoints, collecting bounties and enforcing the law. When playing as a Cop it is essential that you are on our Teamspeak!

Getting StartedEdit

When you first spawn in, you will be holding an M9 Stun Pistol. Walk over to the ATM located at the wall. You will see you start with $20,000. Take out $10,000 and scroll on the ATM to purchase 'Patrol Officer Training'. This is your basic license and is needed to purchase vehicles, speed upgrades etc.

Head over to the Car Shop inside Cop Base. Press 'E' on him to bring up the menu. Purchase a vehicle in your price range.

Once you have bought the vehicle of your choice, head to Rasman to the Takistani National Bank to purchase Bank Insurance. It isn't completely neccesary but will help later on in-game. You can choose to buy multiple insurances or to store one in your Private Storage.

You are now ready to go out on patrol!

Cop RolesEdit

There are several things you can do as a cop to earn money as opposed to civilian jobs. Listed below are what you can do with a full explantion of how to.

Bounties ExplainedEdit

When a person commits a crime (eg. Murder, Hit & Run etc) they will be automatically added to the wanted list. Anybody added to the wanted list manually using the Cop Menu will not have a bounty added. But will help your fellow police officers in arresting a suspect.

When you find somebody with a bounty on their head (eg. $30,000), you will need to arrest them to recieve it. If you are unsure about how long to arrest them for ask your fellow police officers in side chat or on Teamspeak.