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Brief DescriptionEdit

Civilian is a side you can choose when joining the game. As civ there are many things you can choose to do, such as mining or drugs. These are both great for building up money at the start of the game.

Getting StartedEdit

When you first spawn in, press '1'. It will bring up a small statistics list. You will see that you start off with $20,000. This can be used to buy yourself a Drivers License for $3000. and a vehicle of your choice from the Car Shop.

Open up the map, and zoom in on Bastam. Here you can see where the Licenses & Car Shop are located. As well as everything else you may need to know later on. All Shops, Gang Areas & Important Buildings are listed on here.

Once you have bought the vehicle of your choice, head into Rasman to the Takistani National Bank to purchase Bank Insurance. You can choose to buy multiple insurances or to store one in your Private Storage. It isn't completely neccesary but will help later on in-game.

Make sure you have read both the Rules & Laws before playing!

Making MoneyEdit


  • Mining
  • Fishing
  • Oil Processing
  • Sand Quarry
  • General Factory
  • Vehicle Factory
  • Weapon Factory
  • Hunting Grounds


  • Drugs
  • Slaves
  • Robbery
  • Assassination Missions
  • Hostage Missions

Other Things To DoEdit

There are a few other things you can do while playing as a Civilian. Most which boost Roleplay. One choice is to have yourself elected for Mayor, you can ask people to vote for you & for what reason.

A popular choice is to roleplay a hostage situation, and that you want X amount of money or you will kill them. In this situation, you are best off informing the Police Cheif or Cops that you are doing this. Also to tell an admin so it isn't mistaken for deathmatching. Have fun!