This is one of the tasks a Cop can take on, to maintain a busy Checkpoint. You recieve a small cash bonus to your pay checks when guarding.
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Running A CheckpointEdit

When running a checkpoint. You must remember that you will need bargates setup in order to stop & search people (these can be purchased from Cop Base). Failure to do so will be classed as random searching. 

Once you have the basics you can now being stopping vehicles who approach the Checkpoint. Ask them in direct chat to exit their vehicle with their hands up. Walk up to them and press 'E', check their inventory. If they anything illegal you may remove it from their inventory by using 'disarm' or 'drug search', then giving them a jail time based on your findings. You can also search their vehicle by facing it & scrolling to the option 'View Trunk'. Keep an eye out for drugs of any kind or anything else suspicious.

Keep in mind when searching a person, having a weapon with the corresponding license is not illegal. The same goes for having a drug processing license.

If in the case of a suspect running the checkpoint, you may shoot stun rounds at their vehicles tires but no where else. Do not use lethal at a checkpoint unless your life is in immediate danger.

Building MaterialsEdit

Building materials such as the ones seen in the picture above can all be purchased at the Cop Base. You can find everything you need there to build your checkpoint.